How to Choose a regulator

The more information that you can provide, the closer we can get to your requirements. As a minimum we need to know the Inlet pressure and the outlet pressure, the peak and average flow rate for the gas on Normal or Standard units m3/hr or SLPM. We need to know the exact gas and purity and other relevant design considerations. It is advantageous to know a pipeline size and material for matching with connections.

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Single or Multistage regulators

We can provide a full range of regulators in all materials for flows up to 2000 NM3/hr as standard. We offer cylinder and manifold regulators, inline and back entry from 300 bar inlet to 225 bar outlet within our standard range. Outside of standard range we can provide regulators to suit almost any requirement.

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Gas Manifolds

We offer gas control manifolds in configurations from single cylinder to 2 x 6 cylinders /MCP’s as standards to suit all grades and types of gas. We can design and build any other type of manifold required to your specific requirements.

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Gas Control Equipment

The cylinder discharge and point of use distribution equipment usually incorporates regulator, safety, isolation and non-return valves. We can also include for filtration, flashback arrestors and excess flow equipment as well as general pipeline flow regulation equipment for gases up to Grade 6.0 purity. For requirements outside of these parameters we will design and build to your specification.

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Solenoid valves

We supply solenoid valves for all gases and all ATEX requirements in all materials and pipeline sizes, suitable for a wide range of gases and pressures.

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Alarm systems

We can provide from basic alarm systems to the standard audible . visual units. We can offer intrinsically safe relays for ATEX areas and can incorporate the alarm units into the fire alarm / gas detection systems with BMS relay interface. On request we can advise on gas detection and alarm systems.

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gauges and safety equipment

Gauges and Safety Equipment

We can offer gauges in all materials , connections sizes, orientation, ranges and calibration. Specifically for gas installations or for other applications. We also supply all levels of industrial gas safety equipment from gas handling to gas delivery systems. For many of the gases with low temperature problems, we can offer heating systems both for low pressure and high pressure applications.

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Maintenance and Spare Parts

We stock and can supply spare equipment for most gas handling equipment, including but not restricted to GASARC, MESSER, GCE, DRUVA, ROTOREX, CONCOA, APTECH, TESCOM, BOC, etc

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maintenance and spare parts