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Gas Manifolds

Gas Manifolds are available in a variety of sizes from single cylinder to 2 x 6 cylinder,
and other sizes can be designed and fabricated as required.

Manual or semi-automatic?

On any gas supply system, Manual or Semi-automatic there is no guarantee of continuity of supply, as gas will run out eventually on both systems.

On a manual, when one side exhausts, the other side can be brought on line by the opening of a valve.

On a Semi-Automatic system a change over may have taken place so when the manifold is exhausted and at that stage both sides could be exhausted and finding and replenishing the cylinder/MCP will be the problem…

So on either system an alarm of low cylinder pressure is a necessity for continuous supply… The Semi-auto unit can allow you a larger volume gas as you can use both sides, the downside is that when it does run out you need to replenish both sides. So it is possible to make an argument, equally, for both the manual and the semi-automatic.

Generally the manuals are more cost effective, have a high flowrate and are less troublesome than semi-automatic units.

Semi-automatic units main advantage is that for a given manifold size they effectively have access to twice the volume of gas as they can use both sides.

To sum up one view:

Advantages of manual manifolds

  • Lower Cost
  • Higher flow
  • Fewer parts
  • Only one heater required
  • Easier to maintain

Advantages of Automatic manifolds

  • Continuity of supply during unmanned periods

Client experience on site, of course may be very different.