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Gas Regulators

Gas regulators are available in all configurations, wall or cylinder mounted, from Brass to stainless steel and in ranges from 0-1.5 bar to 0-240 bar as standard. Other ranges are available.

Regulators up to 0-40 bar output can be Single Stage or Multi Stage regulators.

Single stage regulators have a tendency to increase slightly the outlet pressure as the inlet pressure decreases.

Multistage regulators will deliver an accurate outlet pressure as long as the inlet pressure is above the outlet pressure.

If two single stage regulators are mounted in series, this is considered in most situations a solution to the problem.

The design of gas regulators in general is that they MUST operate with a slight back pressure and should never be overflowed.

Regulator overflow symptoms can include noise, rattling , condensation and even frost on the regulator. If this is occurring on light gases like Hydrogen, rapid regulator / manifold failure can occur.