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Hoses and Safety Equipment

Manifold equipment generally, especially the high pressure hoses and the protective equipment specifically, must be rigorously maintained. The two commonest safety devices are Safety Relief Valves and Flash Back Arrestors, which must be replaced on a planned cycle detailed in the British Compressed Gasses Association (BCGA) recommendations.

High pressure discharge hoses are available in a variety of sizes and lengths from 600 mm to 4000 mm as standard and other lengths on special order with a working pressure of at least 300 bar. Some gases have specific requirements and some hoses are not suitable for certain gases. It is important to be absolutely sure that the correct hose is obtained and used for a specific gas application.

While there are many Safety Relief Valves and Flash Back Arrestors on the market the suitability for manifold use is not always obvious. Specific calculations and / or detailed information on the manifolds equipment and the process are required before the specific safety devices can be determined to be suitable. The physical size of a replacement unit does not necessarily mean that the new unit has the same capacity.