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Gasarc Spec-Master Single Stage Cylinder Regulator


Designed for the primary regulation of high or low cylinder pressure high purity (up to grade 6.0) gases to a stable outlet pressure, the Spec-Master range of plated brass single-stage regulators covers a variety of applications including gas and liquid chromatography, high purity carrier gases, calibration gases, high purity chamber pressurisation and many more.

Availability 6-10 days. Non corrosive gases only, state gas and outlet pressure

Cost per unit including shipping € 390 + VAT


Product Features

• Six Port Configuration
• Front and rear panel mounting facility
• Pipe away safety relief valve for safe venting of exaust gases
• Reliable encapsulated valve design
• Optional captured bonnet vent kit
• Low wetted surface area for minimal purge requirements
• Full range of inlet connections
• All Spec-Master products are clean room assembled and undergo 100% Helium leak testing

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