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Gasarc Tech-Master Multi-stage Manifold Regulator


Manufactured specifically for use with cylinder and multi- cylinder pack manifolds, the Tech-Master Manifold Regulators fully comply with the requirements of BS EN ISO 7291. This exacting standard covers cylinder pressures up to 300 bar and specifically deals with issues such as oxygen ignition, flow characteristics and safety relief valve discharge capabilities.

Availability 2-4 days. Non corrosive gases only, state gas and outlet pressure

Cost per unit including shipping € 310 + VAT


Product Features

• Inlet configuration available with BS 341 with hand tight
and “O” ring seal or Nevoc inlet connections.
• Outlet connection G 3/8 male.
• Range of outlet pressures 45m³/hr rated flow at 10 bar
(12 bar maximum), 15m³/hr rated flow at 4 bar (5 bar
maximum) and 5 m³/hr rated flow at 1.5 bar (acetylene
• Regulator safety relief valve with pipe away facility (not
available on acetylene models).
• Pressure Gauges to ISO 5171.
• Nominal discharge flow rate, inlet port, rated inlet and
outlet pressures marked as required by BS EN ISO 7291.
• Tested and certified by an independent body for both
oxygen ignition and acetylene decomposition as required
by the standard.
• Purity, standard purity 99.99%, high purity option available
up to 99.999%